Secure online money transfer system that helps remittance companies stay compliant

Jan 01.2023 | by Elena Borta

Tango AML offers a variety of services needed by financial actors across the globe to operate in a compliant and secure way. We provide technical, financial, and legal expertise to anyone interested in operating in the remittance space. We also have a mature white-label remittance and compliance software that is designed to provide all the necessary infrastructure to financial institutions within the remittance, exchange, and banking industry.

The main concerns of all regulated financial institutions are related to achieving the right standards in terms of security and business compliance. Tango follows the latest AML6 directive and is a KYC-centred CRM system designed for businesses within the remittance and exchange industry to transfer money, collect data, and communicate it with third-party providers for AML and sanctions screening.

Also, finding a reliable fintech service provider that supports the Money Service Businesses (MSBs) with its daily operations remains a challenge, because of the niche and extensive legal, financial, and technological expertise that is required to be able to build and operate in the remittance space. Building the right infrastructure and finding the right partners from the start is key. The initial costs and investments can be high if one does not have the right partners and Tango AML is here to support those in search of fintech and regtech solutions.

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