We build fantastic webs & apps for your remittance or exchange business

A remittance service works over desk in a kiosk network, it works online, and it works on a phone app. Remittance can follow your clients everywhere.


A website is found by google. A website helps your clients find your physical locations just as well as they help download apps, or simply sending the money directly. A web is always the center of your business.


A website today is for google to find your business, for all computers and for mobile devices to surf into. The website is a good fit for everything except for biometrics and more advanced features required for certain areas of finance and ID control.


This allows for your users to chat with each other and pass documents, all this to grant your back-office personnel to collect all the files and data they need to stay compliant with the rules and regulations.

Tango back-office also has a sophisticated flag system that allows your administrator to see warnings due to behavioural patterns. The website and the web version of Tango allows your clients to send money from home using digital sources of money.

Native apps

We build native apps that come with a handful of standard features. We build them native to be able to utilize all parts of the phone and all smart things available on the market today and tomorrow.


The end users can access your services through an app where they log in faster and lower the threshold between transfers with simple functionality like FaceID or other biometric services.


Available for both Android and iOS, these are connected to your Tango-Core installation that holds your corridors and user base. Fast, secure, and above all, a way to speak to your end users by sending push notifications. Much cheaper than SMS.

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The core utilities you need

To run your business efficiently in accordance with the financial regulations, Tango offers a CRM module that keeps track of your clients and their relationship with the receivers. Further, a “reports maker” that helps you to export the list of remittances to any regulatory instance you have your license from.


Customer Relationship Management: have full control and be prepared for any inspection.


Whatever you will be asked to provide, have full export possibilities.


Do you have your own KYC protocols? Different protocols and processes for different countries? Tango ties your sender countries together with ID sources, internal and external. Making sure the person you are having business with is the person he/she says he/she is.


Anti-Money Laundering, - this is one of the most important things to keep in mind. Financial institutions can loose their bank accounts and/or licenses to remit money for AML reasons. Tango has a sophisticated flagging built in, as well as AML blacklist integrations with pattern recognition.


Politically Exposed Persons can use our services if you have room and protocols / processes for them in compliance strategy and documents. We easily provide special support for persons of high interest. Deeper KYC and understanding of your PEP's is mostly handled manually, Tango provides the system support.

ID companies we integrate with

You can choose any third party verification service. We integrate and automate anything from biometric and passport scan to bank issued e-IDs.

In need of a compliance processes orchestrator?

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Pay-in & pay-out options your end users prefer

Inbound options vary from card payments, direct bank deposits to manual cash payments over desk. Our outbound options vary between direct bank payment and mobile money transactions to cash pick up.

What is inbound?

Inbound is how you receive money as a company. Some companies use digital payments, others have cash agents. Lately, direct bank payment integrations have been more popular and in some countries even mobile wallet payments are allowed.

To design and allow us to build your Tango experience in accordance to your needs and wishes we will listen to your vision and goal within the next few years.

Almost nothing is impossible when it comes to inbound options, automation and allowance for your clients to send money with their thumbprint.

What is outbound?

Outbound is the money receiving options your receivers are connected to in each respective country.

We integrate cash pick up, mobile money transfer and direct bank payments on a regular basis. To list many options per country over a continent is not a problem for Tango.

Our pricing models for you as a remittance company is somewhat brilliant. Set prices, safe guards on volatile currencies, variable pricing and also scale-up/down pricing if necessary. All part of the Tango experience.

Inbound integrations

Outbound integrations

You can choose to integrate with the partners of your own need.

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Our product is designed and fully customized to the end user. By making this product we were aware of the existence of standard components and some kind of classic interface solutions but we went one step further and added our final touch to make it unique.

User Interface (UI)

The  UI is not only a focus on aesthetics but also a maximization of responsiveness, efficiency, accessibility, and usage of the product.

User interface design represents a seamless blend of visual design, interaction design, and information architecture. Combining these elements we have created a beautiful and intuitive product.

User Experience (UX)

UX surrounds all the aspects of the end-user interaction with our product. Main focus of user experience on Tango was to find the synergy between the business goals and user needs.

Our team created seamless user experience which enhances usability, accessibility and pleasure at the interaction with Tango.

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Tango is build to allow your end users to identify with government issued ID suppliers. To securely authenticate your clients, passing the information and storing it in safe places is the key architecture Tango was built on. Having a safe environment where your payments, behaviour and integrity is protected isn’t just important.. It is everything.


We are delivering Tango to the isolated islands for each customer controlling the flow of data transportation much better. That way we do not only have high security implemented but also we are bringing the system much closer to your customers, lowering the latencies and speeding up the system.

With using Tango you will have regularly upgraded the whole technology stack, adding new functionalities on a weekly basis, constantly tested against functional and security issues - where in case of issues we have fast recovery mechanisms.


Integrations are the part of every system, either you need to send a system notification email or make a money transaction, integrations are there to enable your system to do so.

Tango is enabled with multiple integrations towards different services like inbound or outbound. Challenges in making integration secure and full functional is in complexity of the service we are using. Tango's approach is to integrate any service with the highest details possible.

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Compliance and technical support

Support comes in a variety of shapes, could be regulatory and compliance related or strictly technical, - like one of your partners making a change with catastrophic consequences for your company.

Choose one of the Service Level Agreement (SLA) packages from below to indicate the support momentum your business requires.

SLA - Basic

  • Start working within 2 business days.

SLA - Standard

  • Start working next business day.
  • Regulatory/Compliance support included.

SLA - Premium

  • Start working within 8 hours, including nights and weekends.
  • Regulatory/Compliance support included outside office hours.
  • Help with government reporting in special cases.


Service Level Agreements is the insurance we all hope we don't need.