Existence, data validation, reputation, background checks and more - all in one - for fraud detection, Anti-Money Laundering and Know Your Customer/Business compliance processes.




With over 400 data sources  (governments, banks, business registers, biometrics, etc.) in all 195 countries of the world, customers are verified for identity status, real-time biometrics and facial recognition, PEP, sanctions and watchlists name detection, reputation and other relevant factors for particular industries and compliance.


Age verification

The internet at this day-and-time opens access to information and services of all kinds. The age verification software can be used for limiting the content or products to specific ages with an identity scan and a real time facial recognition.

Identity verification

For onboarding clients to a website and confirming their individuality, XRAY uses e-ID (in Sweden: BankID) and ID-Scan (for other countries), with additional data checks on documents to validate the identity.

KYC/B and AML compliance

Financial services, payments, transactions, collection of funds or wealth management with digital tools require more trust in light of the face-to-face replacement. XRAY stays in the background to verify on customers or businesses reliability, existence and eligibility.

Fraud prevention

Behavioural studies with Artificial Intelligence and predefined processes help financial actors to flag the risks and address them immediately. XRAY uses a kit of procedures for fraud detection even before the business is settled.



Online IDs


More than 8000 document types worldwide including passports and invoices can be scanned in real-time for customer identification to assure that “you are you”.

Electronic IDs


e-IDs (e.g. BankID in Sweden, MitID in Denmark) are used for online identifications to sign agreements, transfer money or other conducts requiring KYC compliance.



Businesses are verified through data from government registries, criminal watchlists and other verification services. This is also to determine the ultimate beneficiaries.

PEP, Watchlists &

Sanctions check

XRAY investigates through the network lists of UN, OFAC, EU, HMT, DFAT, Interpol, police forces, government and state agencies to screen against AML.

Real-time AML


XRAY accesses real-time updated networks with watchlists and sanction lists to keep the dirty money out of the economy. The system flags risks on a global scale.



The system covers hundreds of banks in seven countries for getting primary and secondary income reports in real-time.

Phone number


Phone number validation is a trusted form of two-factor authentication. It provides an additional security layer for fraud checks.

Behaviours and reputation checks

XRAY investigates deeper on linkages and connections of a customer with suspicious behaviors of terrorism, money laundering and other high risks.

Open banking for identity verification

The system verifies bank accounts for buyer proof of identity and bank account owner. With access to trusted banks, e-commerce is more secure against money laundering.

AML and Sanctions compliance 

It requires a routined assessment and review to meet the expectations of your financial service partners, regulators or stakeholders. XRAY together with its AML training partner, offers support for your compliance, internal audit and assessment of your AML procedures, licensing and more.

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