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Tango core system is a financial system for money service businesses (MSBs) that includes business compliance, cross border transfers, Know Your Customer (KYC), Politically Exposed Person (PEP) checks, Sanctions Screening, Anti Money Laundering (AML), Reputation check, Patterns check, Fraud detection and prevention. Tango is designed to orchestrate remittance transfers (inbound and outbound payment types), verify users, flag patterns, collect data and communicate it with third parties – with no cost per transaction.

Tango core system is a Remittance Software For Money Transfer Operators. It is designed for businesses within remittance and exchange industry to transfer money, collect data and to communicate it with third party software for AML and sanctions screening.​ Tango license includes:​ White-labeled Tango Core System (UX/UI included) ​ One inbound and one outbound option integration​ ID verification integration ​ Foreign Exchange Rate integration ​ Regulatory compliance integration for Sanction lists screening and PEP checks ​ API​ Responsive website Users: Admin, Manager, Customer​ Compliance and technical support

Start your Money service business (MSB) - Step by step ​ Congratulations on starting an MSB! To start an MSB, it is important to think long-term and build the company solidly from the ground up. As an MSB, you are obliged to follow the AML regulations and know your customers KYC. That's why it's a good idea to choose a system that helps you manage these elements so you can focus on finding new customers instead. The system will give you an advantage to stay compliant with the law and regulations. ​ Below we have made a checklist of how to go about setting up an MSB;​ 1. Get the license: register and apply for a money service business (MSB) license with your regulator.​As a money service business, you will need a money transfer license in the country where you operate. The type of license and the procedure may differ slightly depending on the regulations of the country. For instance: ​ - US: Check with your state government what kind of license you need. You will file FinCEN Form 107 with the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) at the U.S. Treasury Department.​ - UK: Apply for a license at the FCA’s online portal. ​ - Canada: Register at The Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre of Canada (FINTRAC). See to learn more.​ 2. Have a compliant money service system in place. Arrange a demo with Tango Remittance Software For Money Transfer Operators. Money service business must implement a compliance program. A strong compliance program will form the basis of meeting all your regulatory requirements.​ 3. Obtain a special money transfer bank account with a licensed financial services institution in your country. Start by contacting your nearest bank to open an account. Some banks do not allow accounts for Money Transfer Business (MTB) / Money Service Business (MSB) so be prepared for that. ​ 4. Make sure its legal to send money to those countries you want to send money to. In some countries, such as the US, it is not legal to send money to certain countries.​ 5. Choose and partner with pay-in and pay-out payment service networks in the countries you want to remit money. You can make use of our existing contacts with established agents worldwide. Get in touch to see Tango AML connections.

Tango team can setup an off the shelf money transfer system for you within weeks. It may take slightly longer in case there are any customizations, integrations or modifications.

A compliance process is needed for every country you are active within, digital ID can differ between countries and some don't have them yet. It is important to have a process per country that a system can adjust to, a system like Tango is there to help your clients follow the rules. The compliance documents and processes comes from your compliance officer, they are carefully planned for each country and approved one-by-one. Tango then helps force the process to stream line your endusers. They have to follow the pre-determined rules.

Tango core system is a powerful remittance software for Money Service Businesses (MSBs, MTOs) that provides you with safe, secure, and responsive websites and mobile apps so that you can efficiently communicate and pass documents to stay compliant with rules and regulations.​ Tango core system is designed to ensure the regulatory compliance with your financial license, inbound and outbound payment providers, and technical integrations.​ Some unique features of the Tango remittance software are:​ Anti-money laundering (AML) blacklist integrations with pattern recognition​ Third-party integrations for cross-border transfers and currency exchange control​ Efficient customer relation management (CRM) solutions​ Reports and analytics to track progress and make improvements​ Tie your KYC protocols in one place with Tango’s ID source​ Both inbound and outbound payment options​ Secure and safe data storing​ Request a Tango demo now and make your remittance business more secure and credible.