For Money Service Businesses

We build Web Apps and Mobile Apps for international money transfer operators and foreign exchange offices.

Remittance Service

Works over desk in a kiosk network, it works online, and it works on a phone app. Remittance can follow your clients everywhere.


Mobile Apps

We build native apps that come with a handful of standard features. We build them native to be able to utilize all parts of the phone and all smart things available on the market today and tomorrow.

For who?

The end users can access your services through an app where they log in faster and lower the threshold between transfers with simple functionality like FaceID or other biometric services.


Available for both Android and iOS, these are connected to your Tango-Core installation that holds your corridors and user base. Fast, secure, and above all, a way to speak to your end users by sending push notifications. Much cheaper than SMS.

Intuitive Design

Our product is designed and fully customized to the end user. By making this product we were aware of the existence of standard components and some kind of classic interface solutions but we went one step further and added our final touch to make it unique.


User Interface (UI)

he UI is not only a focus on aesthetics but also a maximization of responsiveness, efficiency, accessibility, and usage of the product. User interface design represents a seamless blend of visual design, interaction design, and information architecture. Combining these elements we have created a beautiful and intuitive product.

User experience (UX)

UX surrounds all the aspects of the end-user interaction with our product. The main focus of user experience on Tango was to find the synergy between the business goals and user needs. Our team created a seamless user experience that enhances usability, accessibility and pleasure at the interaction with Tango.

Need a reliable technology partner?

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